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Artist Statement

I love to teach. By sharing my passion for music and learning I hope to ignite the same passion in someone else. Each one of us can define passion in our own way. Passion is the core of success, believing in our potential and the fire that powers our dreams. When I teach , I see the whole student. I see the challenges and the successes, I see the determination and also at times those moments when they look up lost. It is at those exact moments when I feel that the teacher needs to become the guide. I see myself as that guide, as I too have had to overcome a lot in order to keep pursuing my dreams. Time and time again, I have remembered why I am doing this. I have listened to my heart and followed my passion. If I can help my students to find their passion and to use it as a tool to achieve their goals then, I can call myself a true teacher and an honest guide. I often say that drumming is the most natural thing in the world: we all have a built-in rhythm. Our heart is the rhythm by which our body moves and grows, climbs mountains and falls in love. How fitting it is that my passion is to teach my students how to drum, how to tap into their hearts.  


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