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"Pick up a drumstick and the rest will be a great journey full of beats, rhythm and also some grooves!" says Udi Benjamin on his Ucandrum website.

Udi is a qualified drum teacher with a unique way of teaching which attracts many students. Udi does not just teach one on one. He also teaches in schools, online, and in groups. What makes it such an exciting way of learning is that Udi is unique as not only is he great at teaching all levels, abilities, and ages but also he incorporates an innovative way of instruction due to his being a left-handed drummer; in this way , depending on the student's dominant side, Udi teaches the student by imitation, using a mirror effect, where a right- handed student can sit opposite and follow Udi's lead. Of course, left- handed students won't miss out, as they will learn by sitting alongside Udi! This way of teaching adds another skill to the coordination factor.

As Udi says, "The idea is to first of all develop the coordination skills related to drumming. We all have coordination and we need to develop the specific group of muscles that are used when drumming. After developing these coordination skills the next stage is to implement and configure the coordination exercises on the drum set. This includes playing by sound imitation and counting out loud, which will develop their music memory and independence together with notes and music sheets." Not only does Udi support his students' drive for excellence, he also writes in his Ucandrum website that "Students will develop their timing and musicianship as well as on- stage confidence coupled with showmanship skills" through the use of positive reinforcement and motivation.

Thomas Chase Jones, a Hollywood film score composer says that Udi is a "sincere musician who brings creativity and life to original music. Excellent time with innovative subtle flourishes that push other players." Udi takes this authenticity and energy and applies it to his teaching. Recent feedback from Ron Aprea an all around talented musician who performed with many musicians such as Tito Puente and Louis Armstrong demonstrates what an exceptional teacher Udi is, "Udi is a world class drummer with a passion for sharing skills with our youth. I give him full endorsement."

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